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We’d left the tent fly partially obscuring the tent because the weather forecast had said it might rain on us, and the day started with Dachary waking me up because it was starting to rain. I jumped out of the tent and pulled the fly completely over us to keep the rain out. It seemed like as good a time as any to pack up and start the trek home, so Dachary checked the weather forecast and saw a decent window in the rain to let us get out. We packed quickly and made good time, getting out…


8-Minute Read

When the alarm went off at 7AM, Kay and I both groaned. Neither of us had slept particularly well, and his back was already hurting. Not a good way to start the day. I decided that I felt gross and wanted to shower before we headed out, and I needed to wash some socks and underwear anyway, so we headed out for a quick morning walk with the dogs and I was going to shower. Alas, my shower with clothes washing took FAR longer than I had anticipated, and when I got back to our campsite, I found that…

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