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Corporate Runaways began with a dream of overland motorcycle travel. In 2010, we decided to travel from Boston to Ushuaia on motorcycle, and we started this site to chronicle our preparations for the trip, and the trip itself.

Check out our Boston to Ushuaia trip here.

Instead of sating our thirst for travel, though, the Boston to Ushuaia trip just awakened a travel compulsion, so we started planning and prepping for an around-the-world adventure.

We started taking smaller trips to test out gear and prepare ourselves, our motorcycles - and yes, our dogs! - for the next big trip.

We took a couple of trips with the dogs on a Ural:

Boston to Colorado
Nova Scotia

And then we got a VW Vanagon camper van, fixed it up and took a trip to Points West. That highlighted a need for more refining. We kitted it out like whoa, but our attempts to travel in it never quite seemed to work out. We very poorly blogged our attempt to get to Arizona for Overland Expo in May 2014.

Boston to Arizona

After this trip, and a couple of smaller trips around New England where the VW Vanagon just couldn’t prove reliable, we decided to take a break from camping vehicles and did a trip in our Subaru Outback.

Boston to California

In 2018, we left our jobs, bought an ambulance, and started building it out for travel. We’ve done some small weekend camping trips in it, but it’s not quite ready for overland travel - and then the pandemic happened.

Maybe we’ll be back to overland travel again in 2022?

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