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Today we had to drive to Troy NY for Dachary’s 4th eye exam (don’t ask) which resulted in us killing time in a mall

every kiss begins with kay, and Im kay so…
every kiss begins with kay, and I’m kay so…

(I’m Kay so… )

and Dachary… FINALLY getting a final prescription. Unlike everyone else who gets old, her eyes are getting better as she ages.

dacharys new glasses
dachary’s new glasses

Before that though, I went searching for the circuit breakers. It turns out they are very illusive beasts.

I found the timer, which we can’t physically remove without removing the inverter, but we can set it to be much longer with some needle-nosed pliers. Dachary says we’re going to have to remove the inverter anyway to get access to the battery wires, so that’s good news… I guess. I have no idea what to do with the wires after we remove it, but hopefully we’ll get some advice on that before we get that far.

Side Note: I forgot to mention that yesterday we discovered that someone had unplugged the converter, so all the days we’d plugged in the ambulance to shore power it never got charged. Dachary just happened to ask me to check the voltage for some reason and we were all “that’s not right…”

I also found the flasher controller, which is good because I want to convert the flashers to floods. One of our police friends knows a guy who sells used emergency vehicle lights, and might be willing to swap our red and yellow flashers for some white ones at a minimal cost. I’m sure he has more requests for flashers than floods… probably. I’m not sure what to do with the flasher controller to make things stop flashing. Maybe just take it out and run the wires as if it didn’t exist? Wiring diagram may help, but we’ll just not screw with it until we know the answer. The internet doesn’t seem to have a lot of people with flashers who want to make them stop flashing.

I also found a PowerTouch Remote Control Systems box.

PowerTouch Remote Control Systems
PowerTouch Remote Control Systems

I have no idea what this thing does, but there’s a phone number and a serial number and by combining the two I’m thinking I may solve the mystery. An FCC database suggests it’s some sort of alarm with a radio that works at 310Mhz.

I remembered we hadn’t ever opened the heater box area above the pass-through.

heater box area
heater box area

In there we found lots of space we can convert into a storage box, an explanation for why there are hoses in the front cabinet (water pump leading to heater). There’s also easy access to the back of some of our flashers, poor insulation, and the base of another antenna. In the front cabinet we found another antenna wire that we can’t really explain. That’s a mystery for another day though.

And last but not least, I measured one of the cabinets on the passenger side that we’re considering using for fresh water tank storage. New space holds ~ 22 gallons (~83 L) which is almost double what the under bed area would hold. Preventing winter freezing would be an issue with both places and I’m going to loose a lot of volume to insulation. We’re thinking foam core with aluminum backing, or maybe foam core + Reflectix (or some other radiant barrier).

The advantage to under the bed is much more exposure to internal air. Only the bottom side would be a freezing vector, but we don’t have space to insulate under it, except on the underside of the floor, which isn’t great. This is way less exposed to our nice warm internal air, but it’s also way bigger. As per usual, everything is a trade-off.

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