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Yesterday was S/TEP - Sidecar/Trike Education Program - through Ironstone Ventures, a local motorcycle education school here in Massachusetts. I took my MSF class through them in 2010, so I was delighted to find they had a sidecar class, too! After some minor snafu where the website said to show up at the range at 8AM, but the group was actually meeting in the classroom 8 miles away, we got to the right place and started our education.


2-Minute Read

Hey all - just a quick note to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who stopped us at the BMW MOA Rally to say hi and tell us that they enjoyed reading our RR! I’ll admit it was a bit weird at first to have strangers recognize us, but we both really appreciate everyone taking time out of their day to chat with us for a few minutes and tell us that they really enjoyed reading everything. We loved getting the comments here, of course, but it’s something else entirely to have people walk up…

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