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We weren’t going anywhere today. That was the plan at least.

And, we did a pretty good job of sticking to it. There was talk of taking a taxi to the chairlift, and the chairlift to the “glacier”… but then we learned that it was kinda lame, as glaciers go, and there was like one to two miles of walking after tho top of the chairlift and Dachary was still hurting, so we nixed that idea. Plus, we’re going to Perito Moreno Glacier, which is definitely not lame, as glaciers go.

I wandered about town looking for a different restaurant for lunchtime sandwiches but no… choices were pretty limited in our part of town. So, I grabbed a Hamburgesa Estilo Club and Lomito Classico at Azul (where I’d gotten the pizza last night), brought them back and discovered they were, quite possibly, the best sandwiches we’d had the entire trip. Definitely the best hamburger I thought, and Dachary loved her Lomito Classico.

There was discussion of maybe seeing penguins, but that takes all day, has to be booked one to two days in advance, and costs like $60 US per person to get on the boat, and that’s two nights in a hotel here in southern Argentina and we’ve only got a smidge of money left. So we nixed that idea. Plus there’s a chance for penguins on the way to Buenos Aires where you can drive to a parking lot on the beach with penguins right there… except they leave mid March so we may be too late…

Which left us with a comfy bed, time, and each other. Alas, such hardship. ;)

We read, we watched Torchwood and Top Gear. We were going to go out to dinner when Dachary remembered the work she needed to do for a client, so I went out and procured seconds of our delicious sandwiches, and we enjoyed them just as much even if the fries were lamer this time.

It was good. Just chilling for a day. Enjoying the down time.

Dachary’s note: I really wanted a day off, and while I feel kinda lame for not wandering around Ushuaia more, it was a good day off. We haven’t had a day off since our bikes were getting serviced in Santiago, and we’ve been pushing hard since then. So I don’t mind too much that we were more-or-less vegetables yesterday… I’m sure our bodies needed the rest, which is evidenced by the fact that we slept in till almost 9am and were still drop-dead-tired by 10pm. I think we’re going to be catching up on a lot of sleep when we get home. Or maybe while sitting around in Buenos Aires waiting for our plane.

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