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We’re putting together a book to help people prepare for their next, or first, motorcycle adventure, but there are plenty of books out there that help you deal with big obvious questions, like what bike, or hard vs. soft panniers. We need your help to create something different. We want a book of advice: tips, tricks, and lessons learned on the road. Imagine your best friend is going on their first motorcycle adventure and you are giving him a brain dump of all the things you’ve learned on your adventures. Yes, the big lessons, but also the little ones, like carrying a couple of dryer sheets to keep in your dirty laundry bag for the day you inevitably have to wear things again between washes.

Imagine all the things that you wished the books and ride reports would have told you before you left. That’s what we want to provide, and with your help, we will.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey, and if you know anyone else who’s been on an adventure, please encourage them to add their experience too.

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