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Hey all - just a quick note to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who stopped us at the BMW MOA Rally to say hi and tell us that they enjoyed reading our RR! I’ll admit it was a bit weird at first to have strangers recognize us, but we both really appreciate everyone taking time out of their day to chat with us for a few minutes and tell us that they really enjoyed reading everything. We loved getting the comments here, of course, but it’s something else entirely to have people walk up to us in the street and start chatting. We had a blast talking to all of you!

And, as usual, a big shout out to the fine folks at RevZilla! It was great seeing all of you again! We appreciate you taking time out of your busy days at the rally to chat with us!

We also had the honor of meeting Jack Broomall of [URL=“"]“Slow Way Across - 2 Strokes Across America… Vintage Guys on Vintage Bikes!"[/URL] We’d read a bit about Jack and Don’s journey before they started (RevZilla posted it), and I’m having fun catching up on their report now. It was really cool to meet and chat with someone who did such an epic trip on such a small, inappropriate bike - makes us even more excited for the TAT on 50cc scoots! (And it was weird to meet someone we’d read about who said he’s read about us… so strange! But it was awesome to meet you, Jack!)

So thanks to everyone for making our first BMW MOA Rally extra special! We loved hearing from all of you, and we’re so glad you’ve enjoyed following along! We’ll do our best to make sure our next adventure is just as epic and entertaining.

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