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Ack! I just realized we haven’t kept our readers updated about our new project! In September, we flew out to Flagstaff, Arizona, bought a 1982 VW Vanagon diesel camper van, and drove it home! We had some adventures along the way, which we really need to write up.


Now that it’s home, we’re in the process of doing a restoration. It’s old, so it needs a lot of stuff replaced just due to the age of the vehicle. There are also a ton of small projects that the prior owner never got around to addressing, and a lot of stuff we want to do to enhance the livability of the van. So we sold the Ural to channel money into working on the van - it went home to its new owner last week!

If you’re interested in more pictures of the van, check them out at our Vanagon Flickr set.

The dogs seem to be enjoying it so far!

Enjoying the ride

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