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Lexington NE to Peru IL


I argued against today’s post. She was having none of that. “No!” she said, “We must blog alllllllll the days!” or…. something like that. I may be exaggerating slightly.

Before we hit the road today, she took a call from a client, then wrote up a couple newsletters for him while I drove through the boring end of Nebraska.

Eventually she emerged and we listened to the end of an Accidental Tech Podcast. She claims she doesn’t like listening to “talking people” and that they put her to sleep, but she was eagerly checking for the next episode before it came out yesterday. ;)

Not a lot happened. We didn’t take out the good camera all day. We would have for the spectacular sunset but a) Lita was laying on it and b) it was raining out so we couldn’t stick the camera out the window to get the shot behind us.

Along the way I found a sign that is humorous to geeks.


And some Monarch Butterflies.

monarch Butterflies

And a bored dog.

bored dog

I tried to find an RV dealer that actually had a Cricket trailer in stock and was near our route. As with the westward portion of our trip, they were all closed when we would be near them. What’s the deal with RV dealers being closed on Sunday? I contend that I am doomed to never see one in person. Dachary says that’s because I shouldn’t get one. She’s probably right, but if Trump gets elected we’ll need something to sleep in when we hit the road, and you can’t poop in a roof-tent. Well, you can if they’ve got a vestibule beneath them but it’s not practical to pull over to the side of the road, whip open your roof tent, attach the vestibule, throw in the port-a-potty when your wife needs emergency toilet facilities. Yes this is silly. Yes this is rare, but it happens, so… shrug.

When I was passenger, I went down the rabbit hole of exploring the XP Campers V1 because, including the cost of a new truck, it’s still literally half the price of an Earth Cruiser which is absolutely the right vehicle for the type of travel we want to do (traveling non-stop for years), but we just can’t figure out how to afford it, and the XP Camper is probably the best thing available in its price range.

Dachary’s sick of me going down rabbit holes of vehicles when we can’t afford them. We’re both sick of fast food. We’re both sick of driving to make miles.

After their nightly play session and dinner, the dogs are now entertaining themselves by looking out our hotel window and watching cars go through the drive-through at Taco Bell.

Lita watches the drive-through

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