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A few things to add

  1. The Pine Hill campground place had a shower system was either ingenious or sadistic. I’m not sure which. You pulled a chain which caused water to come out. The water was connected directly to the hot water heater. The longer you pulled the hotter it got. Pretty soon you’d pull for a quick half-second blast scrub, pull, scrub, repeat until clean. I’ve never used so little water in a shower.

  2. Yesterday’s drive in the rain. What with paying for a new Ural, and saving up to feed it’s gas addiction on this trip, a few things didn’t get purchased. One was hand guards. Partially because of money, partially because the only ones we know that fit it for certain are just plastic that would crumple should they actually be called in to use as protective devices. The other was rain gloves. Specifically the Rev`It H20 gloves of awesome that Dachary already has.

We’ve both ridden with wet summer gloves before, and consider it a non-issue but I think it’s been quite a while since I rode all day with cool wet gloves. It sapped my energy all day long. I was fighting to stay awake on the road, caught myself taking 2 micro-naps during the day very bad thing. By dinner time I was cold, and whiney. When we got off the bikes Dachary asked my why my fingers were all “pruney”. She’d been wearing summer gloves all day and her hands weren’t “pruney”. The difference, of course, was that she had hand-guards. After dinner she leant me her rain gloves and my mood got so much better. I think it helped me keep the energy imparted by lunch too.

  1. My headset crapped the bed yesterday too. Kept turning off. We know it’s not a lack of energy, because the Scala Rider’s have crazy-good battery life. I suspect it’s rain related. Dachary disagrees because we’ve never had them repeatedly shut off in the rain. We’ll find out Saturday.

4 ) The towels never did dry from the first night. Too much humidity in the air.

  1. On a non-water-related note: Dido’s totally going back to his street-dog roots. On hot sunny days when we let them out of the sidecar he’s instantly trying to get under it for shade (not that the cover doesn’t also provide good shade). He’s digesting the street food better than the normal home food. And, he’s totally comfortable with this changing environment. He just looks for something soft and curls up on it without a worry.

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